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         February 28 -- Cheer Kids Camp -- register at



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       Test Dates:


           March 26, 27, 30, 31 - Smarter Balance Testing - Juniors




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            Cheer Kids Camp -- February 28th -- register at

            Sports Physical - 2014       

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West High Yearbook:

Yearbooks cost $50 before Jan. 1. 
After Jan. 1, they are $65.

Order forms are in the main office or you may use the payschool link on this page. 

We are always seeking pictures of school activities. If you have pictures to submit, please go to hjeshare. Our school code is BWHS (all caps). There, you can upload photos and we will receive them to put in the yearbook. 

The yearbook staff sells baby and friendship ads to be published in the yearbook to seniors and parents of seniors. Price ranges from $45 to $145 depending on the size of the ad. Ads are to be made online. Please go to The school code is 7469. Ads can be made directly online and then paid for at that time also. 

Any questions about yearbooks should be sent to or Lauren Zent, 281-5700.

Yearbook Order Form 2014

Student Registration  2015/2016:

Agenda for MS PAC Dec 2014 & Feb 2015
Class Meetings November 2014 Registration
Course Report Book 2014
Student Registration Guide 2015-2016

District PK-12 Enrollment Form

Class Meetings for Registration for 2015-2016:

9th going 10th-
     Mandatory Meeting- Wed., Nov. 19, PLC time
     Registration -- Tuesday, Dec. 2, and Thursday, Dec. 4
                         (Out of English 1 classes)

Registration Forms:
 *     Freshman

*      Sophomore

*       Junior

*       Senior

*      Special Education

*      Career Center:

Student Registration Sem 1

Student Registration Sem 2

Freshman Registration Form

Sophomore Registration Sem 1 & Sem 2


Class Flyers:

*       AP Statistics

*       Business Flyer and Business Presentation

*       Computer Skills & Desktop Publishing

*      Tech Ed

*       World Languages



Important Information:


Superintendent Bouck:

December 12, 2014 Newsletter

November Newsletter

Inclement Weather Conditions-Special Edition

BPS Board Wins Board of the Year Award!

August 15, 2014 Newsletter
Redistricting Information

Billings Public Schools Facilities Master Plan

West High:
West High Parent Letter August 2014

Other  Information:


Parent's Backpack Guide to English/Math Standards

Junior Parent Night Presentation
Student Handbook with Schedule 2013-2014

BWHS Freshman Survival Guide 2013-2014

Driver's Education Classes 2014-1215

New Student Registration for the  2014/2015 school year:

Please call the Main Office at West High (281-5600) in order to make an appointment to register your student who will be new to West High in the Fall of 2014.  For your appointment you will need to bring:

  • Birth Certificate

A parent and/or legal guardian must accompany the student to the registration appointment.  For questions regarding registration, please contact Jeril Hehn, Associate Principal, at 281-5614.

To see which school your student will attend, call 281-5018 or go online to (Parents/Enrollment & Registration/School Site Locater).

Transcript Fee: 


Beginning January 2, 2014, Billings Public Schools will be charging a $3.00 fee for each transcript requested.
There will not be a charge for current students or for one calendar year upon exit date.  Transcripts will not be mailed until the proper documentation and payment is received.
Fees may be paid with check, cash, or by Payschool (link listed below), which carries additional convenience fees.
Upon receipt of payment the transcript can be mailed or obtained in person at West High Registrar's office.

For more information and Request For Transcript Form, click here to go to the West High Transcript website.




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Building Security Information

BPS Inclement Weather Conditions Information

Inclement Weather Conditions
Special Edition


Enjoy the Science Fair Video:

Mrs. Ladd wins Grant

 $2500 from Farmer's Insurance Thank-A-Million Teachers Program. 
With the money, Physics II class are building electric guitars.





Billings West High School commits
 to providing educational excellence by
empowering students with
 the means for success and
 by challenging them to
become productive citizens.

Latex and Peanut Safe School

West High Phone Number:


Search for Staff Phone Numbers
 and E-mail Addresses

What's Up on Wednesday


Business Professionals of America!
Over 45 students qualified for the
State Leadership Conference in March


To the Forensics Team!
Second Place Team and AA Sweepstakes Winners
at the Electric city Uptown Optimist Invitational on
December 12 and 13, 2014


2015 National Merit
Scholarship Competition
Jack Conwell,  Semifinalist
Malia Gesuale, Semifinalist 
Joe Knee, Commended

2014 National Spanish Exam Winners:

Gold  Award  = 95 Percentile and above in the nation
Spanish Level Two: Jessica Keller (tied first in the state of Montana)

Click here for other winners

2014 National French Exam Winners:

Silver Award winners-- Cyrine Boumediene  and
Synda Boumediene
(Both awards winners are from Tunisian, and French is NOT their first language. )

Of 11,847 students taking the French 4 exam, 7 got a perfect score.
 Only 6 students missed one question --
Cyrine Boumediene was one of those.
Another 19 students missed only two questions --
Synda Boumediene was one of those.

Bronze Award winner -- Erin Stafford (French 2)
(was in the top 3% nationally)

Click here for other winners


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